Manipulation treatment

Manipulation treatment

Aerocryotherapy — The procedure is held at cryosauna, where the low temperature is generated with the help of liquid nitrogen vapors. The temperature at cryosauna touches upon 180°С. The procedure duration is 1,5-3 minutes, but it may be prolonged in the process of the treatment.

Effect: the cryotherapy improves metabolism, blood microcirculation, stimulates immune system, improves skin condition, raises the begetting power.

Pressure chamber is a treatment under high hyperbaric oxygen in pressure chambers (medical pressure vessels). The procedure has a wide range of positive impacts, effecting favorably on patient’s condition: anti-edema action; antiphlogistic action; forces the wound process course, facilitates the enlargement of vascular capillaries and reduces impaired blood flow in organs and tissues, improves collagen fusion, promotes callus formation, eliminates the osteoporosis events etc.

Speleotherapy (halotherapy) is a dispersion of sodium chlorine aerosol at a salt spa therapy room. It has sanogenic, mucolutic, bronchial tube drainage, antiphlogistic, immunomodulating effect on the respiratory tract and improves body general protection indirectly. It stimulates an improving of the drainage function and respiratory passages inflammation reduction.

Hydrocolonotherapy is an effective way of colonic washing, gastrointestinal problems solving and releasing body from toxins, body mineral balance correction and intestinal canal normal flora restoration.

Reflexology (acupuncture) is a systematic approach of diseases treatment, based on an impact on bioactive points and reflectory zones of human body.

Ozokeritotherapy — ozocerite is a mineral wax. Due to the high melting temperature and low thermal conductivity ozocerite is successfully used in physiotherapy for thermotherapy.

This impact method has proved remarkably effective in cases of musculoskeletal system disorders, inveterate inflammatory diseases of superficial tissues and viscera, aftereffect of disorders and traumas of musculoskeletal and peripheral nervous system, female and male reproductive organs disorders, dermathopathy, ear, nose, and throat conditions, abdominal adhesions, peripheric vessel disorders in early cases, infantile cerebral paralysis, poliomyelitis and its consequences, gastroduodenal ulcer.

Ozokeritotherapy with bischophite. Bischophite is a unique natural mineral substance having an antiphlogistic, analgetic and microbicidal properties. It includes chloride-magnesian-sodic complex and the following vital for the body elements: iodine, bromine, silicon, ferrum and molybdenum. Using bischophite with ozocerite facilitates overpenetration of bischophite into tissues.

Blind intubation (tubage with sorbite) – gall bladder plays the key role in regulation of digestive process. Gall, that is a dark green tenacious liquid, providing normal gastral and intestinal digestion, helping nephros to clear the cholesterine and bilirubin, it neutralizes some bacteria and contains proteolytic biocatalysts. If the gall bladder synthesizes too little gall or its composition is heterogeneous, it may cause the proteins and fats metabolism disorders, the cholesterine magnifies in the blood, intestinal digestion becomes of a passive nature. In order to prevent the defects or preclude their symptoms it is recommended to have a gall bladder tubage course once in a while.

Oxygen cocktail. A cocktail from oxygen and phyto-solution, juice or tea, oxygenated to the state of airy cream. Due to the increased oxygen content, a comfortable condition of the cardiovascular system appears, blood pressure normalizes.

Microclyster is a treatment procedure, conducting with the use of medication or herbs brew, i.e. camomile, for straight intestine cleansing from pathological mucus, wastes, toxins, and excreta and at inflammatory conditions.

Circular douche.  It is applied to control cellulite, it normalizes the metabolism, promotes lipolytic digestion. The procedure has the temperature and physical impact on skin nerve receptors. Circular douche relaxes, relieves pain in the vertebral column, strengthens cardiovascular system, improves general tonus, stimulates immunity, favors the conditioning.

Rising douche — the procedure is held on a chair, where the stream of tempered water comes from the bottom. The pelvic organs treatment — hemorrhoids, constipation; nocturnal urinary incontinence, in erectile dysfunction conditions of a functional nature, prostatitis, it strengthens the intestinal peristalsis in chronic colitis and functional bowel diseases.

Mineral bath

Pearl mineral baths is one of the procedures, applied in hydrotherapy.

Pearl mineral baths have thermal effect to joints, relax, relieve the skeleton pressure, recover the skin mineral balance, airy bubbles also stimulate the skin nerve receptors.

Mineral baths with pine needle extract have a good effect on human body, skin especially. Due to vitamins, trace elements, phytoncids (bactericidal substances), containing in plants, the blood circulation improves, the metabolism normalizes, immunity strengthens, lumbar and joints pain relieves, skin becomes soft and gentle.

Carbonated water baths favors the vascular distention; the blood circulation normalizes, inflammation processes on skin reduce, cardiac and lung functions improves. These baths calm patients down, have good impact on the human body, stimulate the toxins and waste removal, improve immunity. In most cases they are prescribed in diabetes conditions and cardiac vascular diseases.

Charcot’s douche is a stream douche type, a peculiar kind of massage, which is carried out with the help of water stream, directed to human body. Due to this procedure, there is an improving of blood circulation in skin covering, spinal column, joints and muscles, the performance of the spinal cord and brain is stimulated, the immunity strengthens, the metabolism normalizes, the fat depot and cellulite masses split.

Underwater massage treatment is an impact with a water stream on human body in water.

Health benefit: mechanical impact on skin peripherical nerve terminal, and а water stream massage of muscles set. Acceleration of blood flow in skin is combined with bigger vascular distention, higher veins tonus, blood circulation optimization.

Phonophoresis is used to treat various chronic diseases. During this procedure, there are three organism impacting factors (physicochemical, mechanical, thermal). With the help of ultrasound, various medicines are injected into the body.

Galvanization is a highly effective therapy method consisting in the effect of a constant electric current on the human body. If some pharmaceutical products are used during galvanization, this method is called electrophoresis. The galvanic current improves assimilation of pharmaceutical products by the organism, contributing to their mild and effective impact.

Electrophoresis is a method of injecting pharmaceutical products into the body with the help of an electric current. The therapeutic solution is injected through the skin or mucous membranes under the influence of an external electric field. Electrophoresis is used in case of acute and chronic inflammation of all human organs.

Darsonvalization is an application of alternating current of high frequency, high intensity and low strength with therapeutic purpose.

Indications: varicose veins; trophic ulcers; wounds; burns; neuralgia; some skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis);

precordialgia and headaches, associated with functional diseases of the nervous system; non-nephrogenic hypertension.

Magnetotherapy is a method of physiotherapy, in which an alternating magnetic field is used. This procedure is effective in the treatment of the central nervous system disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastric ulcer, pancreatic diseases, inflammatory joint diseases.

Hydro laser massage is a method of complex therapeutic effect of laser irradiation and mineral water on the gingival mucosa. This procedure is successfully used in treatment of periodontal disease of gums and other diseases of the oral cavity.

Scanning laser therapy – the interaction of light with the photosensitizer is in the basis of the laser radiation action. The basic benefits of the therapy action: antiphlogistic; desensitizing; pain relieving; antispasmodic; anti-edema; stimulating metabolic, regenerative and immune processes.


Laser-Оpton is a new approach in laser therapy with a significant penetrating effect. In this procedure the patient may feel a short-term heat. This makes it possible to achieve significant rapid effects in treatment of painful, inflammatory, edematous syndromes.

Tubus-quartz is an ultraviolet irradiation in case of diseases of a pharyngonasal cavity.

UHF-is a physiotherapeutic method of treatment, which uses ultra-high frequency electromagnetic fields. UHF-therapy is a kind of a heat treatment, which by means of special equipment penetrates into tissues and organs of a human.

Inhalation – an introduction of suspended in the air medicinal and biologically active substances to a body for therapeutic and preventive purposes by means of inhaling. Inhalations stimulates a decrease in the viscosity of sputum, which provides an improvement in its removal from the respiratory tract.

Therapeutic effect: antimicrobial, antiphlogistic, expectorant, broncholytic.

Pulse magnetotherapy therapy “Dimap” is a procedure with therapeutic impact of magnetic field on the body, which has antiphlogistic, anti-edema, analgesic, anti-allergic and sedative effect. It allows to achieve significant results in treatment of a wide range of diseases.

Bioptron Lamp – light therapy. Bioptron can be used as a monotherapy and/or as an additional method of treatment. (Wounds after trauma or injuries, burns, wounds after surgery, ulcers of the leg, decubitus). Skin diseases (in particular – psoriasis). Acute and chronic respiratory diseases.

Pressure therapy (lymph drainage) is a method of apparatus physiotherapy, which is a method of mechanical action on the underlying tissues, resulting into displacement of an extracellular fluid excess from them. Due to the pressure therapy, harmful substances are released from the body, water balance is restored, venous circulation is improved, metabolic processes in skin cells and fat cells are activated.

Vacuum therapy is based on the alternating effects of negative and normal pressure on the lower limbs and abdominal area. This is similar to the action of the pump or to the “extra heart” for the lower half of the body.

Ozone therapy is a modern method of drug-free and effective impact to the body with the help of ozone. Ozone increases immunity, normalizes vascular tone and blood circulation in capillaries (blood flows to cells where it couldn’t previously been delivered, carries oxygen and nutrients). In addition, ozone therapy removes the end products of metabolism, restores cells and tissues of the body, has analgesic and antiphlogistic effect, neutralizes free radicals that cause aging and diseases, including cancer.

Laser treatment of blood is a technique for impacting the blood by the light in the red part of the spectrum. The method is based on the impact of laser photons on the blood directly in the vascular bed through a thin light conductor, which is injected into the vein, resulting in the purification of blood from toxins.

Plasmapheresis – This is the most natural and physiological by its mechanism removal of toxic substances from the blood with the help of the membrane separation of its constituents. To obtain a complete purification of the blood, at least three sessions of plasmapheresis are needed.

Massages: classical massage (complete), back massage, children’s complete massage, children’s back massage.


Gynecological procedures.

Vaginal irrigation with mineral water – is used in treatment of inflammatory processes of female genital organs. Irrigation with mineral water has antiphlogistic, antibacterial action against persistent and sensitive staphylococci, it regulates immunological reactions by stimulating humoral and phagocytic shielding of the body, increasing the oxygen content in tissues.

Gynecological irrigation with mineral water.

Gynecological irrigation with herbs’ tea.

Vaginal tampons

Installation of the bladder

Removing the IUD (spiral)

Chemical coagulation of pathological formations of the cervix

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