Aqua zone

Aqua zone

A sports pool

Size 10 х 25 m, depth − 1,4 m.

An indoor Jacuzzi

Water temperature 36-37 degrees, ascending, horizontal, vertical, sitting, lying hydromassages.

An outdoor open swimming pool with hydromassage and outdoor Jacuzzi

Swimming in the thermal water in the open air will bring you a lot of fun. Depth 1,5 m, there are also: 4 hydromassage pools, 2 geysers, horizontal hydro-massage and hydromassage water jet.

Dead Sea water pool

Two pools with Dead Sea water and absolutely identical indicators of an unusually high concentration of minerals. The use of these baths is recommended to activate the receptor function of the skin, they also affect the enrichment of the tissues of the heart, liver, skeletal muscles, articular tissues with microelements.

A Japanese ofuro

Three baths with different temperature of water – 40-47-7 degrees. This is a variation of the Japanese bath. It very strongly stimulates the immune system, accelerates blood circulation, helps to normalize the work of the nervous system. First you should take a warm bath (3-5 min), slump into a cold bath, then into a hot bath for 20-30 sec., again into a cold bath and then you can stay in a warm bath for 10-15 min.

A swimming pool in the Russian bath area

Water temperature 7-9 degrees. It is used as a part of bath procedures.

A wading pool

Water temperature 34-36 degrees, depth 90 and 45 sm.

Children up to 9 years are recommended to swim only in the wading pool.

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